Differential Repair

A car or truck's differential is responsible for passing on the engine power to the wheels of a vehicle. It also adjusts to the differences in wheel speed as your motor vehicle moves through turns. When your vehicle navigates a turn, the inside wheel turns slower than the outside wheel, which has to turn faster in order to keep pace with the inside wheel.


Description of a Differential Repair

A car or truck's differential allows the wheels to turn at different speeds. It also is central to maintaining control of your vehicle when driving. A vehicle without a differential part would hop and bump along the pavement for a truly unstable and bumpy ride. Four wheel drive vehicles are equipped with a differential in the front and back, while rear wheel drive vehicles are equipped with a differential only in back of the vehicle. A front wheel drive’s differential which is called the transaxle because of the functional combination of the front axle and transmission is located between the front wheels. And also all-wheel drive vehicles are equipped with a differential between both the front and rear wheels with a truly powerful transfer case between them. The case adjusts for speed differences between the front and rear wheels. In all vehicle applications the differential is responsible for routing and regulating the power of the vehicle between its wheels.

Benefits of a Differential Repair

No matter that your drive car or a truck which has four-wheel drive, or front wheel drive vehicle, or rear wheel drive vehicle, your vehicle differential will always experience heavy wear and tear. Therefore when scheduling a differential repair service, you should think back to the particular type of terrain you have been driving on. Rugged terrain like unpaved dirt roads or gravel roads and extreme driving road conditions can have a heavier impact on the life of your vehicle’s differential. Maintenance for differentials will differ from vehicle to vehicle. As part of your normal car maintenance schedule, a differential fluid change can positively impact the safety and health of your vehicle. Noise coming from your vehicle’s differential can be a sign of insufficient lubricant or worn gears and bearings due to regular wear and tear. At the first sign of trouble, contact us so we can quickly diagnose and correct the issue.

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