Axle Repair

The axle is a vital part on a vehicle. Axles and joints are responsible for taking the power made by the engine and directing it to the wheels thus powering your vehicle forward. And all of this movement must be done while constantly adjusting with the up-and-down motion of the vehicle’s suspension.


Over time the protective rubber boots can wear out and require servicing and replacement. These protective rubber boots keep lubricating grease in and road debris out.

It is recommended that CV axles and joints be inspected now and then for excessive wear and damage. One thing to look for is if the CV boot is damaged. The protective boot is a vital part which helps to give a longer life to the CV joint. When the protective boot is damaged it should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid destroying the CV joint. If the boot is torn, it can allow dirt and grit to mix with the grease creating an truly abrasive mixture that chews through metal. Once this has gone on for long enough it can cause problems with the vehicle's steering, and cause wobble in the wheels, or even freeze up the vehicle completely!

If you see splattered grease on or in the area surrounding the CV boot or hear clicking noises while turning or hear clicking noises while accelerating you may have a damaged axel. But if this condition is caught early enough, a new boot and some fresh grease will solve the problem completely. But if it has already gone too far then the axle will need to be replaced. By keeping a watchful eye on your vehicle you can avoiding major repairs and will keep your vehicle safe for you and those around you.

When you believe that you are experiencing signs of CV axle damage or failure it recommended that you stop by our shop to evaluate your vehicle's road performance. We have the experience and equipment to properly diagnose and repair or replace damaged part on all makes and models. We known for providing dealer like service with an independent shop's prices.

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