Automatic Transmission Rebuild

A transmission automobile part transfers power from the engine to the drive wheels and helps the engine accommodate a range of speeds. An automatic transmission routes the power from the car's engine to the drive wheels while shifting between gears automatically so you can concentrate on regulating both power and speed.


Most automatic transmissions incorporate the following major components: a torque converter, a planetary gear unit, and a hydraulic pump. The main difference between an automatic transmission and a manual transmission is that the torque converter operates the clutch automatically and not by manual shifting. The torque converter automatically adjusts the engine speed which supplies the correct amount of power to the wheels of the vehicle. Transmission torque converters could not work without transmission fluid. Transmission fluid helps to lubricate internal gears and components. Transmission fluid also helps with the force and pressure needed for switching gears. Therefore it is recommended to routinely check the color of your transmission fluid so that you know if it is need of servicing or not.

If you have an automatic transmission service from Transcraft Chicago Transmission you will keep your transmission functioning optimally. To prevent your transmission from prematurely breaking down be careful not to tow heavy loads or have insufficient levels of transmission fluid. Regularly checking your transmission fluid levels is important for keeping all internal gears and components clean and well lubricated. Grinding noises from your transmission and transmission fluid leaking will alert you that there are potential problems and a service is required. Also if you notice a burnt smell emanating from your vehicle’s transmission, then there may be a problem with your transmission’s ability to retain fluid. In such conditions it is recommended to immediately call Transcraft Chicago Transmission for assistance. Regualr and routine maintenance of your transmission can contribute to extending the life of your automatic transmission. Remember that replacing a transmission can be expensive, so salways taying on top of automatic transmission repairs and keeping up with basic maintenance is important to maximize the life of your transmission.

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I went to see Mike and the guys at Transcraft when my F150 stopped going in reverse. I searched around for shop to do the work and Transcraft was recommended to me by another mechanic here in Chicago.

Mike was recommended to me by another mechanic, and now I know why: he's not only a great mechanic to a "lay" audience, but he's greatly appreciated by his professional peers!

I have been working with Mike for years and I would not take transmissions anywhere else. He is incredibly knowledgeble and honest. He stands behind his work and have very competitve prices. Don't bother going anywhere else!